Dr Michelle Braude

Dr Michelle Braude is a medical nutritionist and founder of The Food Effect, an innovative nutritional consultancy based in North London. As a medical professional, Michelle combines her scientific background in nutrition with a passion for cooking, creating a practical service for the general public. 

Born in South Africa and raised in London, Michelle trained at UCL, completing a BSc in Nutrition from King’s College London as well as an elective in Gastroenterology at Whittington Hospital London. Michelle runs a popular online blog of the same name in which she posts delicious and inventive recipes to her many followers. Her online popularity has resulted in Michelle becoming a sought after expert and she regularly features articles in The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, LOOK Magazine, Women’s Health and Hello!

In her practice, Michelle not only provides patients with assistance with a wide variety of medical conditions but also specialises in helping people looking to lose weight and improve their diet. Michelle’s first book THE FOOD EFFECT DIET was published by Piatkus in December 2017, accompanied by a two day serial in the Times in January 2018.   Michelle’s follow-up book THE FOOD EFFECT DIET: VEGAN: Eat More, Weigh Less, Look & Feel Better was published in January 2020.