Tilly Culme-Seymour

© Miranda Cavanagh

© Miranda Cavanagh

Tilly Culme-Seymour is a freelance food writer and professionally trained cook. She is a regular contributor to food quarterly Fire and Knives and was previously deputy editor of Spectator Scoff, the food and drink arm of the Spectator magazine and website.

Tilly has worked at The Chocolate Society in London and Sheridan’s Cheesemongers in Dublin. She trained as a pastry chef under Rose Carrarini at Rose Bakery in Paris and with Eric Treuillé at Books for Cooks in London’s Notting Hill. She worked front of house at the prestigious River Café and below stairs at Tea’s Me in Ladbroke Grove, where she made pots of greengage jam that reminded her of her childhood.

Tilly’s first book ISLAND SUMMERS (Bloomsbury, 2013) weaves the story of three generations of women against the backdrop of the starkly beautiful Norwegian south. In 1947, Tilly’s grandmother purchased an island – Småhølmene – in exchange for a mink coat.  She built on it a wooden cabin and devoted three months of each year to wilderness living – a tradition the family has upheld ever since. The first two parts of the book take the reader from Mor-mor’s early life, and how she came to buy the island, to Tilly’s childhood memories of island summers. The narrative develops into a winter adventure when she casts herself adrift on the snow-bound island with a boyfriend.

Tilly is based in London with her husband, the chef Joseph Trivelli, and their three children.