Tess Lister

Tess ListerTess Lister is the author of  A HANDFUL OF FLOUR, RECIPES FROM SHIPTON MILL, her first cookbook. Her father, John, founded Shipton Mill in the late ‘70s. She grew up living on site at the Mill in Gloucestershire for 18 years, before going on to study English Literature at university. After several years of working as a lawyer in the City, Tess made the move back to working with food in the business she had grown up at, reigniting her passion for cooking and creating recipes.

Shipton Mill produces a wide range of speciality flours from a diverse variety of grains, and also runs cookery classes. The recipes in Tess’s book are drawn from her life growing up and living at this rather unusual and family-run country mill. As a home cook, many of these are based upon local ingredients and family favourites, along with some influenced by the bakers who have crossed her path over the years.

Tess lives in London and splits her time between the Mill and a bakery.  A HANDFUL OF FLOUR was published on 30th June 2016 with Headline.