Sarah Lemanski

Sarah Lemanski is the founder of Noisette Bakehouse, a curious micro bakery intent on hand-crafting the most intriguing baked goods around and is also the owner of the Madeleine Express, a 1979 Citroen HY van, beautifully revived as a bakery on wheels with a nod to its French roots and petit cake namesake.

Sarah’s inspired creations are a culmination of her varied interests, all garnered from books, nature, travel and art. Her love of international baking, from Japan to Eastern Europe and her penchant for unusual ingredients from Miso to Kefir, combine with her strong Yorkshire roots and sensibilities to create original recipes that have her customers queueing wherever she pops up next.

Her selection of baked goods both sweet and savoury convey a unique style of modern baking that produces flavour forward and well considered cakes, pies, tarts and patisserie. Famed in her hometown of Leeds for the infamous Salt Caramel Brownie, along with her trademark creation the Morning Cake™ and the endless array of gluten free, dairy free and vegan treats unlike any kind you’ve seen before. It is this passion and dedication that won her the Young British Foodie (YBF’s) Baker of the Year 2014, a well regarded award judged by experts in the field of food and drink.

You can follow Sarah and keep up to goings on at the Noisette Bakehouse on Instagram@NoisetteBakehouse and Twitter – @NoisetteBakes