Peter Gordon

© Jonathan Gregson

© Jonathan Gregson

Peter Gordon was born in the New Zealand coastal town of Whanganui. After moving to Melbourne in 1981, completing a four-year cookery apprenticeship and working as a chef in various restaurants, his spirit of adventure and culinary curiosity led him to travel through Asia for a year from Indonesia through to India. This life-changing experience was to become a major influence on his culinary style, which is now called Fusion. In 1986, he moved back to Wellington, New Zealand to set up the kitchen as the Head Chef at the original The Sugar Club. The restaurant was an unprecedented success and the role cemented Peter’s career as a chef. In 1989 Peter moved to London where he gradually introduced his eclectic cooking style, and won wide acclaim for his food at the two London branches of The Sugar Club, in Notting Hill and West Soho.

In 2001 he and three friends set up The Providores and Tapa Room restaurant on Marylebone High Street, introducing Londoners to the Antipodean breakfast, the Flat White coffee, Turkish Eggs and all day small plate Fusion dining. In 2010 he and friends opened Kōpapa Cafe in Covent Garden, with a similar menu and format. He also set up three restaurants in Auckland, New Zealand, travelling between the UK and NZ four times a year. And he set up the kitchens in and consulted to two restaurants in Istanbul – Changa and Muzedechanga. Peter is also a co-founder of artisan doughnut company Crosstown Doughnuts, which launched in London in April 2014. He has written eight books and contributed to a dozen others. His latest books, SAVOUR: Salads for all Seasons, (2016) and EATING WELL EVERY DAY (2018) were both published by Jacqui Small.

Peter now lives full time in Auckland, New Zealand and runs just one food business ‘Homeland’, which he and his partner set up in November 2020. It’s becoming known as the Food Embassy for Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific. It is a Cooking School, a Dining Room and a retail space.

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