Patricia Michelson

Patricia Michelson started her business in her North London garden shed in 1991. The cheese that motivated the business then and still does now is Beaufort Chalet d’Alpage, an alpine cheese rather like a sweeter, nuttier version of Gruyere.

Stylish and unconventional, La Fromagerie is recognised as being one of the best cheese shop addresses in the UK. The wow factor comes from the unique walk-in cooled and humidified Cheese Rooms which Patricia created from her own design based on mountain maturing ‘caves,’ and where between 150-200 cheeses are on display with tasting notes.

Today, La Fromagerie is run from two locations in London: Highbury, the original shop with the newly added custom built Maturing Rooms, and Marylebone, which also has a busy kitchen and dining area creating seasonal food and produce for both shops using ingredients sourced by Patricia and on sale in the shops.

Patricia has written two books: THE CHEESE ROOM (Penguin, 2001) and CHEESE (Jacqui Small, 2010).

Married to Danny, who is also her business partner, she lives in London and has two beautiful daughters – Kate and Rose – and a gorgeous cheese-loving grandson, Oscar.