Alison Gangel

GangelAlison’s memoir THE SUN HASN’T FALLEN FROM THE SKY is the affecting and elegantly sparse story of growing up in Glasgow in the late 1960s. The hard knocks that she and her sister, Morag, are forced to take, and the tough care home in which they find themselves, contrast beautifully with Alison’s gradual discovery of a natural talent for music. During her piano lessons, a growing friendship emerges between her and her teacher, Mr Shaugnessy, and through their relationship and the transformative power of playing the piano, she discovers a way to escape the loveless world in which she has found herself. THE SUN HASN’T FALLEN FROM THE SKY was published by Bloomsbury in 2011 to critical acclaim with the Times Literary Supplement calling for a sequel and the Express describing it as ‘a gleaming gem of a memoir’.  It was broadcast on Radio 4’s Book of the Week in February 2011.

Alison Gangel has two daughters and lives in the North-east of England where she teaches English at a Catholic boys school in Sunderland.