Hattie Ellis

Hattie Ellis is a journalist, food writer and author of twelve books on food and its provenance. Her books include WHAT TO EAT? a practical exploration of food politics that won the Guild of Food Writer’s Food Book of the Year, PLANET CHICKEN, a book about the chicken and the chicken industry, winner of the Derek Cooper Award for Investigative and Campaigning work, and THE ONE POT COOK, 150 recipes that explore the advantages and different traditions of this time-honoured way of cooking. After her social history of bees, SWEETNESS & LIGHT: the mysterious history of the honeybee (published in the US as well as the UK) she amassed a collection of more than 100 kinds of honey and wrote SPOONFULS OF HONEY, a recipe book and guide to bees and honey.

Other books include BEST OF BRITISH FISH (winner of the Michael Smith Award for British food writing), EATING ENGLAND, a book about why we eat what we eat, and TRADING PLACES, portraits of specialist shops around Europe.

Hattie writes for newspapers, magazines and websites including the Times, Financial Times, the Telegraph, Delicious, The Field and BBC Food website.  For over a decade she has worked on food television and radio programmes and appeared on BBC Breakfast Time, Woman’s Hour, The Food Programme and Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch.