Hats & Bells

Hatty and Annabelhats and bellsHatty Stead and Annabel Waley-Cohen are Hats & Bells, an imaginative duo that provide delicious, homemade party food for children. They became friends when they were just eleven years old, bonding over their natural creativity and love for honest home baking.

In 2007 Hatty and Annabel launched Hats & Bells after noticing a gap in the market for children’s party food. Their objective has always been clear: “to make food fun!” Drawing inspiration from each other, as well as both their mothers who are trained cooks, Hats & Bells have created innovative and tasty twists on familiar party food classics.

Their parties have been documented in and praised by a number of national magazines and online publications, including Hello!, Vogue, Tatler, The Fabulous Mum’s Guide and The Party Times. Country Life has said, ‘Hatty Stead and Annabel Ballin can create a unique feast for children’s parties. From organic shepherd’s pies to flowerpot cookies, they offer healthy to positively naughty food.’

Their first book, THE HATS & BELLS CHILDREN’S PARTY COOKBOOK, was published by Kyle Books in 2013.