Graham Singleton

Graham Singleton photoGraham Singleton’s THE ALPHA VIRUS is a high-octane techno-thriller inspired by research projects currently under way in American universities. Due to a technological leap the processing power of computers vastly increases and a simulation of evolution advances to the point where recognisable human life develops. But in this virtual world homo sapiens has a rival. Quicker, stronger and more intelligent, the Vedas people and their genetic blueprint are in high demand by both the US and Chinese governments. Madden, the director of the program, and Elena, an investigative journalist, lead the hunt for this newly endangered but lethal species when it seeks refuge on the Chinese and US defence systems.

Graham Singleton runs an international training company and lives in East Molesey, Surrey with his wife, opera singer Kathryn Hide, and their two boys. He has just finished writing the screenplay adaptation of his novel, entitled DAEVUS, with Jonathan Guy Lewis, and is working on his second novel.