Francis Elliot

Francis ElliottFrancis Elliott and James Hanning, joint authors of CAMERON: THE RISE OF THE NEW CONSERVATIVE, were colleagues at the Independent on Sunday at the time of the book’s publication by Fourth Estate in 2007.  Francis then spent 13 years at the Times (first as South Asia Editor and then Political Editor) and is currently Director of Advocacy at Engage Britain. Together they have a strong understanding of British postwar politics, a clear, subtle and entertaining style, and a good eye for the telling detail.

Their biography, the first, of then new Tory leader and now Prime Minister, David Cameron, was reviewed to excellent critical acclaim: ‘an essential political textbook’, ‘this highly rewarding biography lays out the story brilliantly’, ‘they’ve done their research, and it shows’.  CAMERON was significantly updated when it was published in paperback in 2009 and a further updated edition is planned with additional material following the British General Election of May, 2010. CAMERON was published by Italy’s Nuove Idee at the end of 2009 and in China by Shanghai People’s Publishing House in 2011. An updated edition of CAMERON was published in May 2012.

Francis Elliott lives in London with his wife Jane and their children, Ben and Joe.