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Louise Parker

Louise Parker is a weight loss expert and founder of her eponymous company which has PARKERbeen offering weight loss and body transformations to clients worldwide for over a decade. Specializing in amazing results and permanent habit change, Louise’s approach cuts through the fads in the most accessible way possible.

Louise originally trained in drama, however during her studies qualified as a personal trainer and found her calling. Fascinated by the speed in which she could transform client’s bodies and the way she could change their lifestyles forever, Louise developed her method to deliver this for clients worldwide.

Louise is in the little black books of A-listers, high society and the business elite who want the ultimate results in the shortest amount of time. She is featured widely in the press for comment and insight, appearing in titles such as Good Housekeeping, Mail on Sunday, the Independent and Tatler

‘My method is a style of living that transports you into the finest of health, body and mindset in the quickest, safest, and most intelligent way possible.  Once you reach your absolute potential, it will support you there for the rest of your life.’

Mitchell Beazley published Louise’s debut book THE LOUISE PARKER METHOD: LEAN FOR LIFE  in 2016 and it soared straight to number three in the bestseller list within the first week of its release. LA METHOD: LOUISE PARKER was published in French in 2021. They published her much anticipated follow-up LEAN FOR LIFE: THE COOKBOOK at the end of the same year.

LOUISE PARKER: THE SIX WEEK PROGRAMME was published by Mitchell Beazley in 2018.