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Tasha Bailey

Tasha Bailey is an award-winning therapist who loves to make ‘real talk’ happen in and outside the therapy room.  As a trained psychotherapist, content creator, facilitator and speaker, she has a passion for making conversations about therapy and wellness real and relevant.  Her instagram platform @RealTalk.Therapist brings light and joy to difficult topics such as trauma and anxiety and she has been named as ‘Health & Wellbeing Creator of 2022’ at the Blogosphere Awards.

With an MA in Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, Tasha has a love for helping adults connect to their inner childhood in order to heal and find wisdom from wounds in the past.  She has experience working in schools, with charities, with trainee therapists and private practice.  She also works with brands to help facilitate spaces where mental health and wellness can be at the centre for teams and communities.  Tasha has been featured in Metro, Stylist, PopSugar, Refinery29, Giddy, BBC and Cosmopolitan.

As a Black British millenial, Tasha is determined to make conversations about mental health accessible for all.  She wants to give millennial and future generations the tools to better understand themselves and their relationships, to fuel generational healing and self-care.  She shares an intersectional perspective in this space, something which is under-represented in wellness and mental health advocacy.

Tasha lives in South London with her fiance and two cats, Bambi and Kendrick.