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Robbie Broughton

Robbie Broughton is the co-founder and managing editor of the cycling website, Ride Velo. A cycling nut, he likes nothing more than flying out to the Alps, Pyrenees or Mallorca with his bike to write about tackling epic climbs in beautiful scenery, as well as recovering with a glass of local French, Italian or Spanish wine. He once penned a column for the Evening Standard called ‘Diary of a Domestic God’, about his travails as a stay-at-home dad but, more recently, has covered professional bike racing and the Tour de France.  Robbie has co-written MAGIC SPANNER: THE WORLD OF CYCLING ACCORDING TO CARLTON KIRBY with Eurosport’s (in)famous cycling commentator, Carlton Kirby.  It was published by Bloomsbury in June 2019.