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Naomi Richards

Naomi RichardsNaomi Richards is The Kids Coach. She provides coaching for children on behavioural and emotional issues by giving a space for them to talk openly and confidentially, discussing their concerns in an interactive, creative and supportive way.

Naomi works with children both face to face and internationally via Skype, and runs a number of tailor-made workshops for them. She also writes for a number of parenting, teenage and women’s magazines, and regularly contributes to the press on children’s issues and parenting, as well as on Sky News.

Naomi is also a motivational speaker for children and teenagers, runs self-esteem conferences for girls, and trains other practitioners in the area of child coaching.

Naomi is the author of THE PARENT’S TOOLKIT, published by Random House in 2012, and has been recognised as a Nokia “Remarkable Woman” – a female entrepreneur who is leading the way in a chosen career path.

She is currently working with Denise Van Outen on the DryNites Confident Kids 24/7 campaign and has brought out a product range for children with low self-esteem to use at home or at school. She has also created a product to teach children about responsibility and getting families to work as teams.

Naomi’s second book, Being Me (and Loving It), is being published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in April 2016. This book, a collection of 29 stories that can be read alongside a child or a group of children, is for parents and educators and addresses the issues of body image, friendships, self-esteem and friendships.

Naomi lives and works in London.