Sue Stephenson

Sue Stephenson, writing as Suzanne Goldring, is a debut novelist writing commercial historical fiction.

Her first career was in PR consultancy, specialising in travel and business. She worked on diverse accounts, including the US Travel Service and the reopening of The Grand Hotel in Brighton after the 1984 bombing. Sue launched bar coding in the UK, supporting big brands, major retailers and cross-party committees and ran training workshops for the Public Relations Consultants’ Association.

Sue is a keen cook and gardener, an active member of her local church and sings in a small choir at services in Elstead in Surrey, where she had previously lived for twenty-one years. She used to have a menagerie of sheep, pigs, hens and ducks but now only has two cats.

Sue’s first novel MY NAME IS EVA was inspired by diaries belonging to her Great Aunt Nora who worked for the UNRRA (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration) in post-war Germany.  It  was published by Bookouture in September 2019 and is an extraordinary story of secrets, spies and one woman’s courage in the face of the enemy.  Evelyn Taylor-Clarke may seem to be a muddled old lady but who is ‘Eva’ and what does she hide?  Sue’s second novel, set in Corfu, in which the present and past collide with revelations about the fate of the Jewish community in the second world war, will be be published by Bookouture in 2020.

Sue lives near Alton, Hampshire, is married to Mike, a former advertising commercials director and has two daughters.