Luke Gamble

gambleLuke Gamble runs two very successful veterinary practices in Dorset, a pet-transporting company and, in 2002, he founded the Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) to support animal charities and non-profit organisations all over the world. Working with local communities, WVS aims to promote and produce long-term sustainable projects to the benefit of local animal and human populations. In Vet Adventures (Sky 1 / Sky 3) Luke was followed by a TV crew for a year while travelling across the globe, providing a service to animals that desperately needed help.

In 2010, Luke was awarded the JA Wight Memorial Award by the British Small Animal Veterinary Association, for outstanding contributions to the welfare of companion animals.

Luke’s first book THE VET: MY WILD AND WONDERFUL FRIENDS, is a both moving and hilarious account of his experiences setting up as a new vet and was published by Two Roads in 2011. His follow-up THE VET: THE BIG WILD WORLD, was published a year later with more eye-watering tales of life as a country vet. Luke lives in Dorset with his wife Cordelia and their children.

Vet Adventures, Sky One