Jane Lunzer Gifford

© Kate Shortt

© Kate Shortt

Jane Lunzer Gifford is a food writer, food stylist, photographer and founder of The Food Room and Library.

Jane trained at Leiths School of Food and Wine and, while living in Japan for six years, was the Food and Drink Adviser to the British Embassy where she enjoyed promoting new versions of traditional British dishes, with an emphasis on exciting presentation. During her time in Japan, Jane also released two books and two television series, each with the ambition of making British food accessible and appealing to the Japanese.

Jane’s passion for cooking centres on the enjoyment of food itself, tasting, experimenting, tweaking, presenting and sharing delicious dishes that she hopes will inspire anyone, from those who love cooking to those who dread the kitchen.

Jane currently runs The Food Room and Library, where she offers cookery courses and demonstrations and an impressive, eclectic range of food-related books.

Jane is also the author of PRET A MANGER: FOOD ON THE MOVE and is currently working on her own cookbook.