Georgina Hayden

georgie hayden

© David Loftus

Georgie Hayden is a top food stylist and cook and works as one of Jamie Oliver’s swat team of trusted right hands in the kitchen. Raised above her grandparents’ Greek Cypriot restaurant in Kentish Town, London, Georgie’s passion for cooking has been inherited from her two Yiayias, Martha and Maroulla, and has deepened and developed since a happy foodie childhood.

After leaving Art school she worked for a year on Delicious and Sainsbury’s magazines and then moved to the Jamie Oliver team where she has now been for eight years.

Aside from being a passionate advocate of her national cuisine and a champion of the healthy Mediterranean diet, Georgie also loves to bake, with the firm belief that after the fasting comes the feast. Her fabulous cakes are much lauded and she records her stunningly styled creations on her Instagram page.

Her first title, STIRRING SLOWLY, ‘food to bolster, comfort and nourish’, was published by Square Peg in June 2016. She is currently working on her second title.

Georgie lives in North London with her husband, Pete.