Flora Shedden

Flora SheddenFlora Shedden has been in the kitchen all her life. She was brought up in a big family of cooks and bakers and refuses to let any occasion pass without some form of gathering or feast. When she was ten she began making her own birthday cakes (and everyone else’s for that matter), at twelve she took full creative control over Christmas, and last year organised and cooked for a massive winter feast to celebrate her mother’s fiftieth that lasted three days and involved 95 people, with plenty of fireworks and cocktails. When she moved to university she took nine cake tins, four spatulas, a paella pan, her k-mix and enough ingredients to fill every cupboard in the flat. Needless to say she is almost always the host (and delighted to be so). This summer she was involved in The Great British Bake Off and finished as the youngest ever semi-finalist, becoming known for her style which was referred to as “florification” and success in technical challenges.

Flora’s debut cookery book GATHERINGS was published by Octopus in 2017.  Since then she has gained a loyal following with her latest venture, aran Bakery in Dunkeld, Scotland.  Flora is also a regular guest on The Kitchen Cafe, BBC Radio Scotland.

She can be found writing about and photographing food at www.florashedden.com, on Instagram @sheddenflora and on Twitter @florashedden.