Benjamin Lebus

Benjamin Lebus is the creator of Mob Kitchen, a hugely popular online publishing platform that combines beautiful, affordable food and fresh music in stylish and accessible videos via Instagram and the Mob Kitchen website. 

Mob Kitchen was born out of Benjamin’s passion for food. Having learnt to cook from his father who ran an Italian restaurant for a number of years, Benjamin arrived at university and quickly realised that his friends did not share the same knowledge or interest in cooking. Frustrated by the culinary incompetence of his flatmates he devised a list of recipes that would feed four people for under a tenner in order to show that it was possible to cook beautiful, healthy, delicious food on a budget.

Partnering up with best friend and cameraman Rupert Swan (Swanny) Benjamin began to film these recipes and three months after graduating Mob Kitchen came into being.

Ben’s bestselling MOB KITCHEN cookbook was published by Pavilion in summer 2018 and he is currently working on VEGGIE MOB KITCHEN, due for publication in September 2019.