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Joudie Kalla

Joudie Kalla is a chef who first learnt to cook traditional Palestinian food in her mother’s kitchen,kalla before studying at Leiths School of Food and Wine, where she added French and British cuisine to her repertoire.

She has worked as a chef for 18 years in restaurants such as Pengelley’s (a Gordon Ramsay restaurant), Daphne’s, and Papillon (with Michelin-starred chef David Duverger). She has cooked for Lloyd Grossman, has created a range of Palestine-inspired deserts for Prestat Chocolatiers’ shop in Sloane Square, catered private events, taught classes, and has hosted sell-out supper clubs all over London, including for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.

For years, Joudie ran her own catering company and, later, her own deli in Knightsbridge called Baity Kitchen. ‘Baity’ means ‘My Home’ in Arabic, reflecting the deli’s focus on recreating a sense of Palestine through Joudie’s healthy, seasonal home cooking.

Her book PALESTINE ON A PLATE  was published by Jacqui Small in September 2016. It is inspired by her conversations with customers at Baity Kitchen, who would ask her for recipes and cooking tips. Joudie is currently working on her second book BALADI to be published in October 2018 with Jacqui Small.