Alice Burden

alice burden

© Edmund Dabney

Alice Burden grew up in Herefordshire with her writer father and a television ban – the combination of which inevitably led to a love of books. After trading in her Philosophy degree at Leeds for travelling, Alice studied English Literature and Education at London Metropolitan University.

During her degree Alice worked as a tutor and nanny in London, an experience that she found provided hours of pub story-telling material. So, in December 2012, she began writing an anonymous fictional column entitled ‘Chelsea Nanny’, which gave the reader a key to the lives of families in the capital. Alice’s column is still being published monthly in Kensington and Chelsea Today.

Inspired by her column, Alice wrote THE DEFINING ACT OF ALEXA DAVIS a novel which explores the infuriating, amusing, and sometimes depressing nature of contemporary life in London through the eyes of a twenty-something nanny.  It was published through Amazon in March 2015.