Alex Rawlings

Alex RawlingsAlex Rawlings is a polyglot and in 2012 was named Britain’s most multilingual student after being found fluent in 11 languages.

Alex was raised semi-bilingually as his Mother is half-Greek and, growing up in cosmopolitan London, he grew used to hearing many different languages. Furthermore, when Alex was 4, his father took a job in Japan, exposing him to Japanese for four years.

Alex spent summers in Greece and, as an only child, was forced to try to make friends with other children from all over the world and in this way improved his Greek, but was also introduced to German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian.

In addition to learning French and German at school, at 14 Alex started learning Dutch, which was quickly followed by Afrikaans, Spanish, Italian, Catalan, Hebrew.

He studied for a degree in German and ‘ab initio’ Russian with Yiddish at St Catherine’s College, Oxford (2010-14), during which also studied in Yaroslavl, Russia, Tel Aviv, Israel and interned at the Greek Embassy in Berlin.

Alex regularly writes on the subject of languages via his blog, RawLangs, and is currently working on his first book which will look to divulge some of his secrets in cross-language learning.

Alex will publish his first book HOW TO SPEAK ANY LANGUAGE with How To Books early in 2017.